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Phoneography! April 19, 2012

Filed under: Photography — hogwartsphotographer @ 1:17 pm

So. I have recently become an avid fan of Phoneography. I first came across this term on Photojojo, and the idea didn’t really appeal to me at first. A few weeks ago, though, I decided to download a photography app to my Android (RetroCamera). I tried it out, and was amazed. Basically, I went OMG THESE PHOTOS LOOK AMAZING WHY DIDN’T I EVER TRY THIS BEFORE?! Yeah, I liked it. I explored all the different cameras available on the app, and settled on one I liked. Here’s one of the first photos I took with the app:

ImageThis is simply a photo of the pen-slot on my Wacom tablet. I like it, because it makes something as ordinary as a tablet look rather mysterious.

Some more photos:


Image1. My beloved Polaroid.

2. When I showed this to my mother, she told me it looked like something that had to do with time travel. I agree!

3. We stopped at a gas station a few weeks ago on a trip, and we were near an airport.

4. A simple glass of ginger ale.

So, yes, I have become quite the fan of this type of photography, and look forward to experimenting further with it!


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